Hacked byERORDZ & MiLwrOM_Dz

Hacked by ERORDZ & MiLwrOM_Dz

#Security Team dz
A message to all
Now now fighting began. This time is a time of Islam and victory
And lift the injustice for Muslims and the elimination of America and the allies of the infidels
Will not keep silent about one inch of the land of the Muslims.
Will not keep silent about one drop of blood of Muslims.
Will not keep silent about the symptoms of women and children. Today retrace the pride of Islam and Muslims.
The approach of the Muslims in you will make you regret the remorse you and allies.
The alliance of all the world against the State of Islam will not succeed and will offer to martyrdom and jihad. ----------- The State of Islam and the list expands, God willing. Damn America mask on and on Israel and the countries of the alliance with them.

#We are :
|We are Hakers Algeria | We Are a Security Team dz |-: ERORDZ :-: MiLwROM Dz :-: